Bay Area Headshot Photography

Photographing this young aspiring actress gave me a serious case of deja vu.  

It seems like just yesterday that I was hustling for auditions, on set til the wee hours of the morning, and getting into all kinds of glorious mischief with my fellow thespians.

It was such a great time capturing these game-changing images for her!

Your headshot.

It’s your single most important marketing tool. Take it seriously, but choose a photographer who you’ll have a great time shooting with.

Your headshot is your calling card. The way you present yourself in your picture is everything. If you want people to take you seriously, you must have a good, high quality, killer headshot. Say no to an iPhone pic, a Facebook photo of you outside with the wind gently blowing your hair, and please pass on the JCPenney glamour shot with palm trees in the background.

Every actor, entrepreneur, or professional needs a great headshot.

Mawiyah Johnson

Head Shot and Corporate Photography. Unleash your secret weapon! Shots that open doors.