First Time's a Charm

San Ramon beauty photography

“I’ve never had a professional photoshoot. Not like this.” Patricia said as she arrived at my studio for her photoshoot. Like most of my beautiful clients, she was concerned that she didn’t bring the right outfits, didn’t know how to pose, and maybe wasn’t exactly worthy of being dodded over for the afternoon.

“It’s not your job to get great shots. That’s my job,” I replied. “Leave all of the heavy lifting to me. I’ll hold your hand through the entire photoshoot. You’ll never have to wonder what you should do with your hands, where you should look, or whether or not you should smile.”

San Ramon beauty photography

For an hour and a half, Patricia and I laughed, rocked out to Bruno Mars, and captured breathtaking images that she’ll cherish for a lifetime!

“This experience made me feel confident! I love this! This photoshoot reminded me that self love and confidence is achievable at any stage in your life, and is necessary to better myself to have the energy to serve others.” - Patricia

San Ramon beauty photography

“Don’t you dare compare your magic to mine or any one else’s. That’s a fools mission, you know. No happiness was ever born from wishing you had someone else’s gifts while ignoring your own.

Stop looking around and look within. You are magic, wild woman. Own that thing.”

- Brooke Hampton

San Ramon beauty photography

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