Are you nervous about having a photoshoot?

Most people come to my website and think “wow, I could never look like that…” I photograph everyday women and men who are mother’s, brothers, artists, lawyers, community leaders, etc. Not professional models and NOT comfortable in front of the camera (at least not at first ;)

You don’t have to wait until you feel better. Please don’t put it off until you’re more worthy of this experience. Come as you are. My precious clients arrive to my door embodying the full gamut of human emotions. Excitement, joy, curiosity, nervousness, depression, hope, guilt, shame, embarrassment…


  • Empowered

  • Confident

  • Energized

  • Happy

  • Beautiful

I have never had a client come to me and say “girl, this is your lucky day! You get to photograph me. I’m super photogenic, confident about every inch of my body, mind, and spirit and totally ready for my close up.”

Nope, it usually goes a little something like this. “Mawiyah, I’m really excited, but honestly I hope I don’t let you down. I love all the photos on your website, but there ain’t no way I can do that.”

san ramon glamour photography

The truth is that working with me is so much more than a photoshoot. It’s a transformation.

Every. Single. Person I photograph arrives unsure, fearing that they may not have what it takes.

Yolonda was no exception. She arrived burdened down and overwhelmed from the woes of decades of adulting. She was convinced I wouldn’t get a good shot of her. She warned me that there were aspects of her face and body that just wouldn’t photograph well.

I listened to her concerns and gently guided her into what she called “the best photos of my life.” She ended having a BLAST! And so did I.

Yolonda 5-3.jpg

It’s not your job to perform or pose or look sexy. It’s my job to empower you with guidance and encouragement. (I pose you down to your fingertips! You will never wonder what to do, how to stand, or even what to wear. I. Got. You. Boo.)

When I help YOU break free of limiting beliefs, you assist ME in doing the same for myself. 🖤

san ramon glamour photography
san ramon glamour photography
san ramon glamour photography
san ramon glamour photography
san ramon glamour photography

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