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Relax, Relate, Release... (Bay Area Personal Branding/Yoga Photographer)

Have you ever met someone for the first time and they instantly feel like home? Meeting and working with Jean Marie was the definition of easy, breezy… I suppose, I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean she is (one of the) Goddesses behind the incredible Anasa Yoga studio in the Laurel District of Oakland, California.

Jean Marie is the walking, talking embodiment of Namaste. Our recent personal branding photoshoot began like all good things should… With a cup of tea.

The minute she escorted me into her spacious studio, I felt a sense of peace wash over me. Together we went over her vision for her custom photoshoot, toured her gorgeous studio, and gained some great insights into her business.

Personal branding San Ramon

I learned three incredible lessons from this gentle powerhouse:

1.) Peace is a choice that you make daily.

2.) The lotus flower grows in mud.

3.) You can speak softly and still move mountains.

personal branding san ramon oakland
personal branding san ramon

Thank you for making me so beautiful Mawiyah.  You are a very gifted pro!

I look forward to working with you again soon.” - Jean Marie

personal branding photoshoot oakland
personal branding photoshoot oakland

How To Get Anything You Want | Outdoor Glamour Photoshoot

Whatever Lula wants… Lula gets!

“I just decided that I wanted (insert object/experience here) and it came to me!” - Lula

I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes, but I’ve witnessed this woman manifest European vacations, getaways to Mexico, mentors, and most notably peace in the midst of storms.

When I first met Lula 3(ish) years ago, I knew she was someone I wanted to know forever. She fascinates me. Most people I’ve met throughout my life have an internal set point to focus on bad news. You know exactly what I’m talking about too.

Most folks can go on for hours, days, uhm years about how crappy or unfair this, that, and the other is or was. But, Lula is not most folks. She sees the world in much the same way my 12 year old does. Full of wonder and possibility. She turns new corners and opens new chapters in her life with complete faith and open-heartedness.

I once called her a superhero.

Her special ability is to start each day with a clean slate. In her nearly 50 years (right?! I can’t believe it either!) she’s seen her share of hard times, heartache, and disappointment - BUT, she doesn’t carry it with her. She struts about light as a feather. I’m in awe of this woman and so blessed to call her friend.

Outdoor glamour beauty photography
Outdoor glamour beauty photography
Outdoor glamour beauty photography
Outdoor glamour beauty photography

And then we celebrated her beautiful eritrean heritage 🖤

Outdoor glamour beauty photography
Outdoor glamour beauty photography